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Although its name defines this restaurant as the “house of the steak”, Camila’s Steak House is that and much more. Under the tutelage of renowned Chef Frank Escalona, the dining experience of this famous restaurant stands out for the quality of its ingredients, innovative presentations and the explosion of flavors in each of their dishes. With a beautiful and contemporary setting, suitable for enjoying an executive lunch, meeting or a romantic dinner, with a wide range of wines to accompany the meal and great attention from all the staff that are always seeking to satisfy all of their clients expectations.

For starters, be sure to try the exquisite “Taco Paco” with two crispy tortillas, stuffed with strips of beef, fresh guacamole, sour cream and cheddar cheese, resulting in a mixture of flavors, for a great Tex-Mex style dish. The Salmon Tartare is undoubtedly a dish that leaves a mark on your palate, with diced salmon seasoned in ponzu and nikkei sauce over a base of fresh avocado and algae on the top. This plate will leave a shyly spicy sensation in your mouth.

A 10 ounce Prime Steak, is considered the signature dish of Camila’s Steak House, accompanied with a subtle sweet potato puree, chimichurri and a homemade spicy sauce made with a typical Panamanian hot pepper. Unquestionably, this dish can be accompanied by a nice glass of red wine which can be selected from the extensive wine cellar that the restaurant has available. Another great option is the Portobello Risotto, which mixes three types of mushrooms (Porcini, Shiitake and Portobello) with a crown of arugula. It is one of the most requested dishes because of its creamy texture and indisputable flavor.

All these dishes can be accompanied with exquisite cocktails, like the delicious blue margarita, a tequila-based drink, a White Russian with Kalua, or the colorful Strawberry Margarita. These are just a couple of suggestions within a wide range of options.

Camila’s Steak House is definitely a meeting point for all occasions and with its two restaurant locations in
Panama City you will find a menu that will satisfy your appetite beyond imagination.

Frank Escalona, a young entrepreneur, is the Executive Chef and Owner of
Camila’s Steak House. With more than 9 years experience in the Culinary Arts here in Panama,  Frank is defined as a cutting edge Chef. His love for cooking began in his native country of Venezuela, which led him to work in a renowned molecular food restaurant where his passion for this type of cuisine was born.

After several experiences, from working at the famous Astrid y Gaston Restaurant in Panama City, he decided to open several restaurants in Casco
Viejo. Together with his brother, they developed the project Camilla’s Steak House with the purpose of presenting a different Cuisine. They incorporated dishes like fish, risottos, fresh vegetables, among others, and are always looking to create a connection between the International trend and the “steak house”. Nowadays, from his point of view, going to his restaurant is to live a sensory experience. The reason for this is that Frank is always trying to develop courses that meet the expectations of his diners and leave a memory on their palate.

As owner of two Camila’s Steak House restaurants, and looking forward to starting other projects always within the Culinary Field, Frank Escalona shows that, with determination, perseverance, the best team and a lot of passion, all goals can be achieved!

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