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The kitchen of La Séptima Central restaurant is defined by the chef, Antonio Moron, as a fusion of vanguard, with very aesthetic, creative and unpredictable dishes. Here flavors are blended to create one of the most original gastronomic experiences and cutting-edge cuisine in Panama City. From tapas, ceviche, meats and fish, each dish emulates the molecular cuisine in its different foams that has left a mark on the palate of their diners.

Among the gastronomical proposal of La Séptima Central restaurant highlights, the White Fish Ceviche with coconut foam and diced green apples. A wonderful main dish to try is “Moss” Tuna in exquisite coconut vinaigrette and pieces of oranges, or the famous ingot of Escolar fish with white garlic, olive paste and asian sauce based on soy, ginger and a touch of orange. Without a doubt, all these dishes are prepared with the freshest fish of the season and will leave you yarning for another visit to this amaizng restaurant.

Another great option is the succulent Tepuy Steak, in the center of fungi and bacon, which highlighted by the softness of its beef and the succulent taste, as a result of the combination of various spices. All this can be accompanied by a glass of red wine, or the house cocktail, better known as “Séptima Tonic”, prepared with gin and tonic water, or a Miami Vice, with its characteristic mixture of vanilla cream, mango, strawberry ice cream and a touch of vodka. To finish this extravagant experience to the palate, a “Wrecked Fruit Cake” is great option to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Together with the exquisite culinary experience, La Séptima Central restaurant offers a great environment, with an eclectic style that mixes rustic and modern aspects to provide a comfortable sensation. This is accompanied by the great music that invites you to enjoy a good time with friends and family. After dinner, its party time and La Séptima is great place to have a little fun. With music by some of the most recognized DJ´s in the area. It has become a meeting point for both locals and foreigners who want to spend a pleasant time and enjoy the great drinks and cocktails.

Antonio Moron, an innovative chef with more than 14 years of experience in culinary arts runs the kitchen in La Séptima Central restaurant. His passion for the molecular cuisine has led him to explore unique culinary possibilities which are reflected in the authenticity of his dishes characterized by being a fusion of nouvelle cuisine where creativity, authentic flavors and particularly good tastes are exalted.

His beginnings in the kitchen started in his native country, Venezuela, and was enriched with his years spent in Europe where he lived and was strongly influenced by the Spanish gastronomy, working hand in hand with a recognized and experienced Michelin chef. This new experience in Panama is loaded of expectations and many surprises as Antonio considers that the culinary standards of the country are growing exponentially and it is the right moment to use his knowledge and show his culinary proposal.

In his own words, Antonio considers that the title of chef was given to him as a result of the hard work and perseverance behind the stove. “This is a very comprehensive and creative world where you work with love, devotion and discipline to satisfy the expectations of diners” he says.

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