MonaLisa Restaurant & Bar
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MonaLisa Restaurant & Bar

MonaLisa Restaurant & Bar

Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, the newly opened MonaLisa Restaurant features creole (typical or native), Colombian, and international cuisines, with an extensive menu of more than 50 dishes, ranging from classic home-style to  gourmet, under the direction of Executive Chef Gustavo Barreto, whose vision is to offer a culinary experience as evocative as the great art that inspires him.

The space is versatile, with two main dining rooms. The imposing Great Hall is ideal for corporate events, family celebrations and much more. They also have a private area, more intimate and suitable for business meetings or other smaller events. The MonaLisa team was trained by Eduardo Castillo, their General Manager, who defines the client as a “guest” who should be made to feel at home.

Must-try dishes at MonaLisa include the Da Vinci Basket, built with Parmesan cheese and filled with thin strips of chicken dipped in a white mushroom sauce. Marvel at how the delicate flavors complement the different textures. Meanwhile, the Patacones Basket with a velouté of seafood and topped with fresh avocado just begs to be shared.

The star of the menu and the chef’s recommendation is the Salmon in Passionfruit Sauce, served with rustic potatoes, a delicate cut of fish embraced by the sweet citrus of the passionfruit. The Skirt Steak is another worthy dish, 350 grams of Angus beef grilled to your preference and accompanied by a succulent Uruguayan chimichurri, a stunning achievement.

Executive Chef Gustavo Barreto is responsible for bringing his art to the table. With more than 14 years of experience in the culinary industry, Barreto comes from a family of chefs, with four of his five brothers also in the kitchen. He acquired his experience working in Spain, where he developed his passion for Mediterranean food and certainly comes to leave his mark on the kitchen of MonaLisa Restaurant.

Every good meal should culminate with a sweet and what better choice than the MonaLisa’s Pear in a Red Wine Reduction, with its haunting aroma of cinnamon and spices. It is certainly a dessert for adults, however, the menu has several options for the smaller ones of the house.

Be amazed by the colorful cocktails prepared at MonaLisa Restaurant. From the refreshing forest fruits daiquiri, made with the freshest fruits, to the classic MonaLisa with Baileys and cinnamon or the colorful Blue Code made with rum and Blue Curaçao. They also offer a wide selection of national and imported beers, wines from the most renowned wineries worldwide, fresh juices and much more. In these cocktails, as well as in each of their dishes, their passion for detail are revealed.

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