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If you’ve ever visited Canada and tasted some of its more traditional dishes, like the typical poutine or sandwiches made with smoked meat, and you wonder if in Panama it is possible to find something similar, then you have to visit Solomon’s Montreal Deli. In this cozy restaurant, you will find a complete menu based on carefully selected dishes that best represent the cuisine of this country, while making sure that all products are fresh and with the highest quality. Many of the products are brought directly from Canada and flown to Panama to preserve the traditional flavors, and many others are handmade here in Panama specially for the restaurant.

Solomon’s offers dishes that, at first glance, may appear to be simple, but these are often the most difficult, because behind their presentation there is a careful preparation process and accurate selection of ingredients that keeps the traditional tastes. From the meat imported from Montreal without going through a freezing process, to the homemade mustard. Every detail is accomplished to make it possible to provide authentic flavors at a great price.

Do not forget to try the classic Solomon’s Montreal smoked meat. This is a sandwich prepared with subtle and abundant slices of smoked meat that melts in your mouth, surrounded by rye bread and the delicious mustard which gives a unique touch to the dish. Another great option is the Solomon’s Burger, with a ½ lb. angus beef patty, topped with muenster cheese, crispy smoked meat, onion rings, pickles and their amazing homemade BBQ sauce (which is known by its sweet and spicy taste).

Certainly you cannot miss having the traditional poutine, along with the hand cut french fries, with a 48 hour cooking process that causes them to remain crispy on the outside and soft in the inside. These are topped with cheese curds and beef gravy. For vegetarians there is also the mushroom gravy which is a typical thick sauce that is used to go with this dish. Salads are also a tasty option, including the Asian Salmon Salad with a sweet soy ginger dressing that gives a healthy twist to your diet.

All these delicious dishes can be combined with a wide range of Artisanal Belgian Beers available in Panama and enjoyed at “The Social” by Solomon’s. This is an outdoor terrace that is open until late with  great music and a relaxing atmosphere. Thus, Solomon’s Montreal Deli presents an interesting proposal that mixes a wide range of simple but very delicious food along with the best ingredients and the hospitality and comfort that characterizes them.

Sara Gremont and her husband Corey Solomon are the owners of Solomon’s Montreal Deli. This couple decided several years ago to fly from Canada to the warm country of Panama where they were received with open arms.

Designer by profession, Sara defined herself as an inveterate “foodie”. Such passion, combined with the nostalgia for the kitchen of her country, were the key elements that motivated this couple to create the concept of Solomon’s Montreal Deli. They have created a restaurant that seeks to provide an authentic gastronomic proposal with a comfort food menu that preserves Canadian typical flavors through quality products, and of course, offering a great price.

Sara’s dedication and her attention to detail led her to create a menu where each ingredient fully meets her own high expectations to ensure a unique experience. She personally designed all the recipes and regularly tested every dish on the menu, and, together with Corey, they have created the “Solomon’s experience.” All this goes hand in hand with the support of their beautiful team, with charisma and attention that makes diners feel like home.

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