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Among the ruins of an ancient building in Casco Viejo is Tomillo Panama, a restaurant that stands out for its casual and romantic atmosphere, with a terrace that evokes the past. All of this is accompanied by one of the best gastronomic experience in the City. Under the tutelage of the renowned Panamanian Chef Felipe Milanes, Tomillo Panama offers a cuisine inspired by local and organic products, within the influence of Caribbean and Central America essences using a concept of shared dishes or tapas, with the purpose of combining flavors of the world.

At Tomillo, each dish has its own story and was selected to exalt the gastronomical proposal of the restaurant. Among the several option highlights is the exquisite Tuna Ceviche with sweet potatoes, tiger’s milk, ponzu (a citrus-based sauce commonly used in Japanese cuisine), quinoa and edible flowers on the top that melt on your palate creating an explosion of flavors. If you are looking to take you taste buds to the next level, the distinctive Lamb Mac & Cheese, which is typically known as macaroni and cheese is one option you must try. This is presented in a way you’ve never tried before, it is served in a small casserole dish with goat cheese, mozzarella cheese, roasted tomatoes and pickled purple onion. This combination creates a blend of incredible tastes and provides a different version of this popular dish.

The Pepperoni Gnocchi is another tasty experience. This dish is covered with goat cheese fermented in cassava, providing a unique feeling among the finely spicy tomato sauce and this cheese. For this reason it is considered the “dish of the house”. This plate is an anecdote of Chef Milanes. A dish that comes from his childhood when his mother cooked the typical “Gnocchi with Pepperoni” for him and his brothers in the most traditional way. By evoking these memories, he has decided to add his personal touch to his ever so tasty menu.

Certainly, the menu is wide and offers many amazing choices. Another suggestion is the “Puerco Carnita Flatbread”. This is a creative dish that resembles the typical Italian focaccia with homemade bread, covered with delicate slices of pork, spinach, onion and mozzarella. It is a very subtle and exquisite entree that should be harmoniously combined with a good white wine.

For the sea food lover, there is the Mero Mero, served in passion fruit sauce along with cassava and chimichurri. Also, there is the “Prawns in Da House”, prepared on the grill and accompanied with avocado, smashed potatoes along with salad and olive oil from Manolo Caracol’s Garden. These are dishes that will exceed all expectations. “fresh from the garden” is a great way to explainTomillo as the restaurant grows a lot of the ingredients found in their dishes at their private farm located in Pedasi, where the freshest products come directly from the field to the table.

To close this culinary experience, there is nothing better than a “Kaboom”! This is a ball of chocolate with lemon mousse, vanilla and almond biscuits that the waiter will literally explode at your table.

Tomillo Panama also has to your disposition La Mesa de Fito, a private table located in the kitchen, where groups of up to 6 persons can come to appreciate the kitchen dynamics of the Chef, while they are delighted by one of a kind delicious dishes.

A great element that caught our attention is the unity of the restaurant staff, they all seem to really love working at the restaurant and making sure their guests have a wonderful experience. The kitchen staff are equally unified, so much so when the chef yells out an order, the whole kitchen staff responds with a “Si Chef”.

Casco Antiguo, Calle 10 A Oeste, San Felipe, Panamá.

Phone: 202-6881


Felipe Milanes is the  Chef of Tomillo Panama. This recognized chef of international fame has great experience in the gastronomic arts. He was born in Panama and from a very young age he fell in love with the kitchen. Once he started his studies in the United States in 2001 he decided to work in a local restaurant cleaning dishes, before getting on the kitchen staff. After a short period of time he improved his skills, and while cooking on different stoves, he formed his character under a plural approach and great teamwork skills. During his stay in North America, Felipe participated in the popular cooking program Guy’s Grocery Games.

When he returned to Panama, motivated by the desire of applying all his knowledge into the local gastronomy, which today is rapidly growing here in Panama, he decided to carry out his dream by starting the project of Tomillo Panama with a group of childhood friends.

In the kitchen, you can appreciate the value that Felipe gives with every detail. The importance of organic products, as well as how innovation and creativity

are essential tools,  go hand in hand with his integrated team that works together to provide a unique experience to all of his guests.

Without a doubt, Felipe is an example to follow for his perseverance, humanity, creativity, and passion, which are clearly reflected in each of his dishes.

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