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Oriental cuisine is one of the most famous in the world for being exotic, healthy, delicious and above all for its incessant search for a perfect balance between flavors and textures, a value represented in the entire Japanese culinary art. This principle is reflected in the gastronomic proposal of Nikkei Market, a restaurant that experiments with the most varied ingredients and the best quality to offer a unique and unrepeatable experience to the client.

When thinking about Japanese cuisine many times the images of colorful sushi’s, many wok vegetables, soy sauce, rice and broth come to mind, as well as the concept of a meal based on a flawless aesthetic presentation, loaded with exquisite colors which invites you to taste the flavors of oriental cuisine. At Nikkei Market this concept goes even further, since they integrate a complete menu, as a result of more than 19 years of experience, where every detail has been taken into consideration to evoke the most native flavors of the Asian cuisine and thus satisfy the demanding palate of their clients. With the best attention in a family environment that welcomes you to spend a pleasant and enjoyable time.

Nikkei Market not only differentiates itself by the quality of its products, but also because it is the only restaurant in Panama that offers the possibility of choosing between 5 or 10 pieces of sushi roles in order to taste a greater number of options present in such a complete menu. Among the most popular roles is the Delta with tuna, whitefish, shrimp, cream cheese, with salmon on the top, avocado and wakame in a subtle calamari sauce. At the same time, the house roll or better known as Alaska Special stands out. This roll comes with salmon, avocado, cream cheese, with salmon on the top, wakame and ikura or salmon egg. Likewise, you can enjoy a wide range of kosher style rolls. And for those who prefer dishes with a more tropical taste, try the banana-based rolls (without rice) and discover these explosion of unique flavors.

Undoubtedly, sushi is the specialty of the house. However, Nikkei Market presents a wide variety of alternatives for all tastes. From salads, such as the authentic Neptuno Especial with pieces of fish in rice leaf, tuna, calamari, crab, salmon, nahomi and eel sauce. This dish stands out for its striking colors, the combination of the most original flavors and the freshness of its ingredients. Likewise, the curious Japanese Pizza is an excellent dish to share.

Among other options, Teppan Yaki with chicken, calamari, salmon, meat or a combination of all these ingredients, is the most requested dish, and it is defiantly worth trying the different tempura or kushi (brochette) which can also be found on the menu. All this complemented with the best wines and Japanese beers, such as the renowned Kirin Ichiban beer or the traditional Sake and a liqueur made from rice. For dessert, get a taste of the famous Fried Ice Cream.

Nikkei Market is located on 68th Street in San Francisco and recently opened its doors in Punta Pacifica, inspired by a more chill out concept with a lovely terrace appropriate for meetings, events or just having a pleasant time with friends in a great family atmosphere.

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