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Over the centuries, scores of conquistadors, pirates, and buccaneers have sailed the quiet waters of Panama Bay and the Pearl Islands seeking treasure, and for over 16 years, the famous Bucanero’s Restaurant and Taverna, located on beautiful Flamenco island at the very end of the Amador Causeway, offers a menu of the truly fresh treasures of the sea. At Bucanero’s the emphasis is on using only the freshest, highest quality ingredients be they from land or sea.


Bucanero’s is the place where exceptional food and a unique atmosphere creates an unmatched culinary experience. Introducing an interesting gastronomic proposal, where the most native flavors are combined with international influences from Greek, French, Italian and Spanish cuisine using expert preparation techniques acquired as a result of years of experience. This knowledge allows the creation of a menu suitable for all tastes.


Bucanero’s food philosophy is one that demands the use of only the freshest ingredients available. In fact, their menu showcases an outstanding collection of seafood entries, which are caught daily, and fresh off the boat, as well as imported USDA prime steaks, chicken, chops, pasta and salads, including a variety of delectable appetizers, soups, sides and desserts that will tantalize anyone’s taste buds. The use of the freshest and highest quality ingredients which are selected from local growers to obtain the finest Panamanian meat, fruits,and vegetables together with years of experience within the culinary arts, will guarantee one of the best dining experiences in Panama.


When it comes down to choose what to eat, sea food is certainly the most popular choice, however, the menu is extensive, and options are numerous. Bucanero’s is known as Panama’s best and freshest lobster cuisine. For this reason, trying a lobster prepared in varied ways (hot butter, Thermidor, Parisienne, surf & turf, garlic butter, or lobster spaghetti) is a must in your next visit to this restaurant.


Panamanian King Crab is another alternative that should be included your list. As with the lobster, Bucanero’s obtains these beautiful crabs fresh from the Guna Yala indigenous fishermen. Without a doubt, they are one of the finest tasting and textured crabs in the world. Prepared with garlic sauce, baked stuffed, or natural. In addition, giant prawns, delicious paellas, imported meats and a variety of treasures of the sea combined with an excellent wine cellar that perfectly pairs with any of the dishes of your preference, makes this dining experience a complete and unforgettable moment among friends and family.


At Bucanero’s, the diverse and expertly prepared cuisine and the professional service staff, that specialize in offering personalized service, and the old-world ambience of a pirate ship assure a fantastic dining experience. At Bucanero’s there is something special for everyone. They also feature a great variety of activities, live music, traditional folk show (for groups) and It is also the ideal place to organize corporate and private events, family reunions and much more, as they offer a private area with air conditioning.

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