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Located on the magical island of Taboga you’ll find La Vista nestled among the green hillside. Experience a charming restaurant that invites you to enjoy a gastronomic journey from around the globe, through a culinary proposal that reflects the love for good cuisine. With great attention to small details and a multicultural influence typical of the Panama Isthmus, the offering is a menu that goes through different countries and culinary perspectives to surprise and delight the most demanding palate.


The impeccable cuisine of La Vista is accompanied by a unique location and a charming landscape, so magical that it is reflected in the name of the restaurant which means “The View”. La Vista is located on the terrace of the iconic Villa Caprichosa hotel, created by well-known interior designer Diane Burn, who is internationally recognized for her work in San Francisco, Rome, Paris, New York and Florida, and who fell in love with this island during her first visit to Taboga, which is now become her home.


La Vista is a unique treasure that evokes a classic Italian villa feel, where passion for the good cuisine joins the majestic view of the Pacific Ocean, and at night, the reflection of ships waiting for their turn to cross the Canal will be sure to illuminate an unforgettable evening. Under the tutelage of Chef Tomás Rojas, the challenge is to exceed expectations and create lasting memories through an excellent gastronomic experience.


The main attraction is the “Vista Experience”, an exclusive dinner with live music an amazing 6 course meal of impeccable international dishes that are sure to leave you in a heavenly state. This experience is only available Wednesday through Sunday. The adventure begins at 6:00 pm at the dock of Brisas de Amador on Perico Island, in Panama City. Board their privately chartered ferry and be taken away with the beautiful skyline of the city in the distance as you begin the journey to Taboga Island.


During the trip, enjoy open Champagne (Mionetto Prosecco) as you wowed by the scenery, passing directly by, at only a few hundred feet from the huge ships that are sitting in the bay as you cross through the entrance of the Panama Canal. Upon arrival their private vans will whisk you up the hill to this exclusive location. Once at restaurant the gastronomic experience begins with the first pour of the open wine service, followed by plate one of the 6 course dinner. All while enjoying the great live music of Alex Antonio on the piano and microphone.


This gastronomic experience is exclusively held for up to 30 guests per evening at a price of $ 150.00 per person. Additionally, La Vista is the ideal place to celebrate weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, wedding proposals, business dinners or to simply enjoy an unforgettable night with that special someone. Reservations are a must, contact them at 6671-2028.

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