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The renowned German manufacturer of high-end domestic appliances and commercial equipment, Miele, together with the prominent Panamanian Chef Felipe Milanés, recently launched an intrepid book that goes by the name of Sin Excusas (Without Excuses), which invites the reader to be part of the extraordinary gastronomic world through exquisite recipes to share with family and friends. Throughout each page, Chef Milanés reveals useful tips and suggestions to develop professional skills in the kitchen, meanwhile, he also suggests the best wines to pair with each of the dishes featured in the book, and thus create a special evening.


This idea was born of a passion that is more intensely lived if it is shared with those who matters, that’s the passion for the culinary arts. The kitchen – like music, literature, dance – is developed in a space delimited by pots, ladles, stoves, sauces and condiments. In this space you can dream, release your imagination, dare your expectations, experiment without limits, and have a lot of fun while creating unique preparations.


Overflowing this immense love for the culinary arts and with the intention of preserving and highlighting the richness of local cuisine, Miele and Chef Milanés decided to visit the house of countless friends who also enjoy cooking, or just eating, where he shared this wonderful experience with his readers, where good food is mixed with friendship to create a story to tell.


Sin Excusas is an invitation to meet with family, friends, neighbors or colleagues and enjoy experiencing the delights that can be created in the kitchen by following step by step the advices and suggestions given by the renowned Chef Milanés which has been acquired after tireless years behind the stove, always looking to satisfy the expectations of the most demanding diners. Because cooking is all about creation, joy and sharing while learning a new way to do things in the kitchen and that’s what this exceptional publication seeks to reflect. Sin Excusas can be purchased at: Miele Center, Home Interiors, Miscellany, Masterpiece, La Bottega, Riba Smith, Tomillo Panamá, Manolo Caracol, and Buco Pollo.

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