THE STRANGERS CLUB: Coctelería & Restaurante
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THE STRANGERS CLUB: Coctelería & Restaurante

THE STRANGERS CLUB: Coctelería & Restaurante

The Strangers Club invites you to discover an innovative cocktail concept here in Panama City, brought directly from the streets of New York City by young entrepreneurs who have earned their experience behind the bar of one of the most recognized places in this cosmopolitan city. Its emblematic location on one of the busiest corners of Central Avenue in Casco Viejo gives a magical touch, with a classic vintage style that evokes Havana in the 1950s. This is a restaurant and bar that seeks to enhance hospitality, where guests can enjoy delicious and impeccable designer cocktails, perfectly combined with a cutting-edge gastronomic proposal in an ever-changing environment, where friendship is a major value.


Inside this emblematic remodeled two-story building, every detail has been taken into consideration to provide a feeling of belonging. From the representative wooden bar, with colorful shelves of liquor bottles with some of the most famous national and international brands and others still quite mysterious, combined with the warm lights that give a feeling of being in the right place, together with accurate attention from the first moment you walk through the door, which strengthens this perception.


Without a doubt, the true essence of The Strangers Club are the bartenders. These unique guys leave their personal signature on each of their cocktails meticulously prepared with the freshest and most original ingredients, becoming the stars of the night and the ones who have the power in their hands, making the magic happen with their charm, reaching not only the palate of guests, but also their hearts through their charismatic personalities.


More than just bartenders, these guys love to make new friends and can laugh and talk while they skillfully mix all kinds of liquors to create the most surprising combinations, in a dynamic and crowded environment that will change throughout the night to fulfil the client’s expectations.


Undoubtedly, The Strangers Club is a dream come true, developed by eight partners, six of them whom are professional bartenders who have been trained under the philosophy of one of the best bars in New York, known as Employees Only, which in 2011 won the coveted “World’s Best Cocktail Bar” award at Tales of the Cocktail. Under the lead of Steve Schneider (2014 Nightclub and Bar Bartender of thevYear, and Star of the documentary “Hey Bartender”) Bratislav Glisic, Ivan Radulovic, Ulysses Vidal, Mitar Prentic, and Gabriel Carney, these experienced bartenders have created an exclusive menu of cocktails with a variety of options.


Among them we have the authentic Strangers Punch, made with a light rum stirred with homemade clarified milk punch and cinnamon syrup, this drink is a must try! Another great cocktail is the Ready Fire Aim, that stands out for the combination of mezcal shaken with honey-pineapple syrup, fresh lime juice, dashes of chombo bitters and pink peppercorn, or the intrepid Numero 23, with its explosion of aromas that leave dancing sensations on your taste buds.


The menu also presents classic cocktails that enhance the best of each country, always keeping the traditional ingredients without leaving aside the innovative touch for what they stand out for, and to preserve the authenticity of each preparations. The bartenders work with the freshest local products, where practically all ingredients are prepared at home using avant-garde techniques that provide high quality results, from the syrup, to the juices and candied fruits that together create a multisensory experience.


On the other hand, the kitchen lead by Chef Carlos Serrano, who enhances the different culinary cultures by mixing ingredients and essences from all over the world in each of his creations, evoking the purest and authentic flavors in perfect harmony with the cocktails prepared every day at The Strangers Club. The menu offers options to share, such as the Pork Dumplings with aromatic soy sauce or the delicious Salmon Tartar that will simply delight your palate.


Among the new options of the menu stands out the unique Trio of Ceviche, the Cause of Shrimp and the Market Salad. Besides, the famous Strangers Burger prepared with a mixture of grilled Angus, caramelized onions, Swiss cheese, arugula and curry mayonnaise is the emblem of the house and you just have to give it a try on your next visit to The Strangers Club.


The Strangers Club opens from Monday to Wednesday from 6 p.m. until 2 a.m., and from Thursday to Saturday from 6 p.m. until 4 a.m. with the kitchen open until 3 a.m. offering a special menu for those who enjoy good food at any time. There is also the exquisite Sunday Brunch with a full and varied menu from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. accompanied by the most amazing cocktails. And for those who work hard during the weekend and want to enjoy a good drink on Monday, they have the “Industry Night”. The idea is to create a friendly environment that welcomes everyone, while integrating the community so that costumers feel like home.


The second floor is now available for private events, parties and much more with the service that characterizes them and the most innovative drinks, such as the incredible “Cocktails on Tap” exclusively prepared for special occasions. Let yourself be surprised by these skilled bartenders, who will create tailored cocktails based on your preference and impress your palate with the most ingenious dishes. For more information about events, promotions and more, do not hesitate to follow The Strangers Club on Facebook and Instagram, and for reservations call +507 282 -0064.

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