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La Negra Tomasa is leading the Italian cuisine in Panama City with a renewed menu that preserves the recipes that have captivated regular guests and features new dishes to enchant the most delicate palates. This authentic Italian restaurant owes its success to the experience of Gisella Contini, who brought a suitcase of flavors and culinary influence with her when emigrating from her beloved Turin, as well as her years of experience in the art of cooking that are magically combined to present a piece of Italy in the heart of the city.

Located in the emblematic neighborhood of El Cangrejo, this cozy restaurant simulates a classic Italian trattoria with a simple and delicate decoration, where aromas and flavors invite you to enjoy a menu of multiple handmade pastas, as well as starters, salads, fish and emblematic meats from the Italian cuisine. Chef Contini herself, with her authentic kindness and charisma, comes to say hello while offering a  warm welcome that invites you to taste her rich gastronomic proposal, where, the passion for cooking is reflected in each one of her dishes through the use of authentic and fresh products to enhance the traditional Mediterranean diet.

Among the new dishes on the menu, hand-made pastas such as the Agnolotti del Plin, Cavatelli, Trofie and Gnocchetti Sardi stand out, accompanied by the most varied fresh sauces such as pesto, octopus sauce or seafood that serve to spice up the extraordinary culinary experience of La Negra Tomasa.

We cannot fail to mention the traditional Antipasto Misto, a classic platter of sausages and assorted cheeses with pickled vegetables, especially designed to share.

All types of pastas are handmade by Chef Contini following traditional techniques and prepared al dente. Among the new recipes, the delicious Trofie al Pesto is a type of short pasta typically cooked in the Ligurian region, native to the area of Camogli and Bogliasco. This pasta is combined with a classic pesto sauce prepared with Chef Contini’s own recipe, who adds a secret touch to ensure a unique and unrepeatable flavor.

These handmade pastas also include tagliatelle, cavatelli, tortellini, mezzelune, agnolotti and gnocchi in the most diverse preparations and sauces to try a different dish each time. For the main courses, there are all kind of risottos, meats and fish; among them, the grilled Octopus on mashed pumpkin and potatoes is a delight that melts in the palate. We cannot miss the classic Brasato al Barolo with Agnolotti, a juicy beef cooked in the oven for over 12 hours in Barolo red wine, accompanied with ravioli to preserve the flavors of Piemonte.

As a final touch, a creamy Bonet Piemontese is a dessert that everyone likes for its delicious texture, deep flavors and original preparation.

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