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Pastissima’s success goes hand in hand with renowned chef Gaetano Maturo, who has refined his knowledge in culinary arts throughout his professional career to offer a gastronomic proposal rooted in Mediterranean cuisine influenced by the classic recipes of southern Italy, known for the authentic flavors and traditions.

From a very young age, in his native city of Naples, Italy, Chef Maturo knew that he was born to face the greatest challenges despite adversities. His family taught him the value of work since he was 9 years old, selling goods in the narrow streets of his town to help with household expenses. As in any Italian family, both the kitchen and passion for good food are inherited from grandmothers and mothers, who are responsible for passing these traditions to young generations. This became Chef Maturo’s first school, where he acquired all the essential knowledge.

Chef Maturo’s adventurous and intrepid spirit made him leave home when he was just a teenager on a journey that, without knowing it, has taken him through multiple countries in South America to live a myriad of experiences that today are part of his baggage of stories and memories that simply amaze and inspire anyone. His first journey took him to Venezuela, an exotic country full of opportunities at that time, where a family member invited him to work at the Hotel Los Bordones. This place became Chef Maturo´s platform to successfully reach out the challenges that life had for him.

The passion for cooking and his tireless perseverance led Chef Maturo to work at the Hotel Santa Clara in Cartagena, Colombia, in 1995, where he was in charge of the Restaurant San Francisco de Asis. His excellent culinary proposal allowed him to meet multiple international celebrities and public personalities such as Gloria Estefan, Ernesto Perez Balladares, Fidel Castro, Yasir Arafat, Ernesto Samper, among others, who tasted his extraordinary seasoning and authentic signature cuisine. Chef Maturo’s success was further evidenced by being selected among the top five restaurants in Cartagena by the renowned magazine Semana de Dinero, where he was defined as a “short man with a heavy hand”.

Fate brought Chef Maturo to Panama, where he first worked on Contadora Island, followed by The Bristol Hotel, Club Union and behind the stove of famous restaurants until he undertook his own project and opened Pastissima in 2005. This cozy restaurant, located in the heart of San Francisco, was positively accepted by the local market and both Chef Maturo’s perseverance and friendly personality, made customers feel comfortable and willing to return and keep trying the great gastronomic proposal that goes beyond pasta and pizza.

Inspired by the passion of good food and having grown up in this culinary world, Anthony Maturo is following in his father’s footsteps and through a young and enterprising vision he has taken the concept of Pastissima to a higher level to promote, as a whole, an innovative and multisensory gastronomic proposal, without leaving aside the roots and personality that have always characterized Pastissima’s cuisine.

All dishes are adapted to the palate of each diner. Among the range of options stand out the amazing Pastissima Mussels, Gnocchi Sorrentina, Pepper Salmon and the specialty of the house, the traditional Pastissima Ossobuco or Gaetano Filet with Portobello mushrooms and Buffalo Mozzarella.

When visiting any of Pastissima’s restaurants located in Casco Viejo, Balboa, Condado del Rey, Brisas del Golf and Altaplaza Mall you will feel like you are in Italy. See the waiters walking around with exquisite dishes that fill the room with aromas of spices and fresh herbs while tasting the gastronomic offer without necessarily spending a lot of money, will surely make you come back for more. Do not hesitate to ask for the suggestion of the day and let yourself be surprised by Chef Maturo’s creations.

For reservations, you can call them directly to Pastissima  Casco Viejo at +507 388-9430; Pastissima Brisas del Golf at +507 385-2990; Pastissima Condado del Rey at +507 309-9891 and Pastissima Altaplaza Mall to +507 200-2249. If interested in Pastissima’s franchise contact +507 6238-3893 or send an email to:

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