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Mentiritas Blancas is a cozy artisan bakery and specialty coffee shop that, over time, has enchanted the palate of regular customers with an exquisite gastronomic proposal that strolls through a variety of dishes, from breakfasts, waffles, pancakes, French toasts, salads, sandwiches, to options to share and much more. Accompanied by a meticulous selection of specialty coffees, with emphasis on local production, which are prepared by professional baristas to make you taste the true essence of coffee.

This original place was conceived by Maureen Pinel, Melissa Pinel and Giancarlo Effio, starting as a small space that became famous for the delicious empanadas, which is why people kept coming back again and again. Over time, the menu got bigger as a result of the intrepid search for new flavors and recipes, developing an innovative, informal cuisine with abundant portions. Nowadays, Mentiritas Blancas is the meeting point for those who enjoy good cuisine and quality coffee in an enveloping, causal and relaxed environment.

The coffee prepared in Mentiritas Blancas, is not a simple coffee. Each bean that reaches the cup has been selected from specialty farms located in the highlands of Panama that meet certain production standards to support local producers (although, they also offer coffee from other countries). The roasting process is also taken into consideration and once the bean is in the barista’s hands, it has been already studied in order to identify what is the best technique to extract the purest and most sincere essence of coffee, from traditional grains, to the exotic Panamanian Geisha.

This passion for coffee is reflected in a great menu of options ranging from espresso, filtered coffee, cold coffees and special house preparations to invite you to discover the vast world of specialty coffee. Make sure to visit them in Via Argentina and follow them on the social networks @mentiritasblancas to be aware of all activities, events, courses and much more.

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