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Pioneers in the culinary trend of Panama for the preparation of artisan ramen with a unique twist of modern fusion, Taisei Ramen invites everyone to venture into the intrepid world of ramen and its intense flavors through a comprehensive proposal elaborated with the most creative recipes and the best quality ingredients on the market. All this combined with the personalized touch and experience of Chef Monica Rosas, who, together with Ismael Salcedo and their team, have given life to this little piece of Japan in Panama.

Under this approach, Taisei Ramen seeks to preserve the traditional techniques that have led ramen to become one of the most recognized dishes of Japanese cuisine. In this place every detail is important, from the handmade elaboration of noodles prepared in two presentations to suit different types of ramen (due to this success, noodles are also prepared for wholesale purchase). To the broth that is cooked for more than 12 hours to guarantee the true flavors while using original ingredients to create exceptional dishes and finally the original fusion touch that makes Taisei’s ramen so unique.

The menu is constantly changing, from classic preparations that have enchanted the palate of the most frequent clients, such as the Spicy Taisei, Garlic Tonkotsu or Tantan Men, as well as Vegan Kurry Ramen (an ideal dish for vegans); to the latest preparations such as the famous Cheesy Lobster. Everyone is talking about this dish, a perfect combination of lobster, cheese and ramen that harmoniously blends to create an explosion of flavors and textures on the palate. This creation is reviewed as the # 1 dish on the Panama Good Times App and is now part of the restaurant’s regular menu.

Baos have also been added to Taisei Ramen’s menu. These traditional rice muffins stuffed with pork, chicken, lobster or duck, were ideally designed to share during the Happy Hour. This Happy Hour was recently launched to invite everyone to taste Japanese beers, as well as varied Japanese-style cocktails at very attractive prices. During this time, you can enjoy special finger-style dishes and promotional prices on all Japanese beers and 2X1 on house cocktails, from 5 pm to 7 pm, Tuesdays to Fridays and from 3 pm to 6 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Visiting Taisei Ramen means eating some of the best ramen in the city and enjoying the best homemade desserts prepared by Chef Monica, who has successfully combined both concepts in just one place. The Japanese Taro Cheesecake with creamy Milk Tea Ice Cream and berries, highlights among the desserts and it’s the best sweat treat to end up this authentic culinary experience.

Remember that Plaza SF69 (where Taisei Ramen is located) is a communal shopping center. It means, that you can enjoy the different gastronomic proposals inside any oft hese restaurants or even in the outdoor terrace, which is pet friendly. For more details, follow them on Instagram at @taiseiramen or contact them at +507 399-1651 and next time your hungry make sure to stop by Taisei Ramen at 69 East Street, San Francisco.

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