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Texas de Brasil has finally arrived in Panama! This emblematic steakhouse will open its doors at the end of October to captivate the Panamanian and foreign public with the best cuts of meat in the country, as well as an incredible selection of salads and desserts and a wide variety of wines and cocktails to successfully create a moment that will remain in the memory of customers.

This renowned rodizio will open its first branch in the isthmus, in a unique location. Located in the new Pacific Center complex located on Ramón Jurado street with Tomás Gabriel Duque street in the exclusive neighborhood of Paitilla, Panama City. This place will have an atmosphere with lot of character and personality, where spaces will be comfortable and cozy, in addition to a prodigious VIP lounge for exclusive events.

In Texas de Brazil, the traditions of Brazilian cuisine are mixed with the generous hospitality of the state of Texas, in a space that will make you feel at home. The culinary proposal begins with more than 50 options of delicious dishes; among fresh salads, rice, soups and more. All this together with selected cuts of beef, pork, lamb, sausages and poultry, grilled and carved on the table by true gauchos. It is important to highlight that meats are from the best certified Angus. A proof of this are the ten quality measurements and abundant marbling that allows meats to be exceptionally tasty, incredibly tender and naturally juicy.

These delicious meats should be paired with amazing drinks!!! In this unique steakhouse you should try their signature cocktail such as the original caipirinha with different flavors (strawberry, coconut and mango); as well as the award-winning collection of international wines. To end this chapter that will set a before and after on your demanding palate, try the multiple desserts, such as: Cheesecake, Carrot Cake, Pecan Pie and an incredible Creme Brulé, among others.

In short, Texas of Brazil has improved the culinary trend in Panama, therefore, we hope you have the opportunity to visit them. For more information, you can follow them on Instagram and Facebook at @texasdebrazilpty and for reservations in advance, private meetings and events go to www.texasdebrazilpty.com.

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