A MANGIARE - The Restaurant Panama
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In Italy, “A Mangiare” is a classic phrase that you will hear when the food is ready, dishes served and “mom” calls everyone to join the table. This is how the famous Chef Gisella Contini conceives her own restaurant and invites everyone to taste her culinary proposal at A Mangiare Ristorante, a family place that offers an authentic Italian gastronomic experience with the warmth of home and the traditional cuisine of an Italian “Grandma”.

From the first moment you will feel that you are arriving to the right place, with a simple and cozy atmosphere, where flavors and essences will invite you to come in and enjoy a wide menu of typical Piemontese cuisine. Courtesy is essential and Chef Contini herself, with her authentic kindness and charisma, comes to greet with a warm welcome that invites you to taste her delicious creations. In this place, passion for the kitchen is reflected on each of the dishes prepared with love and care, using artisanal products to enhance the traditional Mediterranean diet.

A good dish always starts from an excellent raw material which is then transformed with passion by expert hands. For this reason, what does not come directly from Italy, is purchased from small local suppliers which have been selected personally by Chef Contini.

The menu strolls through the most varied handmade pastas which are daily prepared including Agnolotto, Tortellini, Cavatelli, Trofie, Gnocchetti Sardi, Tagliolini and the rarest forms of pasta such as Caramelle di zucca and Cuori di Salmone. All accompanied by delicious fresh sauces.

A Mangiare also offers the delightful Brasato al Barolo, an exquisite piece of beef cooked for hours after being marinated with herbs and red wine. Regarding treats from the sea, in addition to Cacciucco alla Livornese, a rich seafood soup, you should try the amazing Grilled Octopus on a  bed of mashed pumpkin, among other dishes that enhance the extraordinary culinary experience of A Mangiare.

A Mangiare is a symbol of great food and pastas are made by Chef Contini preserving the traditional methods of elaboration. A cuisine of true Italian traditions and family hospitality makes A Mangiare,  one of the most authentic Italian restaurant in Panama.

Pure and sincere cuisine based on tradition and generous portions. Here wine is worshiped and meticulously selected to pair with all the dishes, such as an excellent Barolo or Barbaresco or an extraordinary Amarone or even a Brunello di Montalcino, Primitivo Leggenda or Cà Del Bosco and many others, to delight your Italian gastronomic experience.

Make sure to visit A Mangiare and enjoy the true Italian appetizer with the authentic Aperol Spritz accompanied by classic stuzzichini or Italian snacks. For reservations, call +507 208-6960.