Beauty and the Butcher - The Restaurant Panama
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Beauty and the Butcher

Beauty and the Butcher

Beauty and the Butcher is a story created to enchant the palate of costumers. Like in a fairy tale, the legend says that everything started in some coast of Panama, where every day an old grumpy butcher saw this little girl leaning out of her kitchen window. One day, the butcher decided to surprise the girl with a burger and with a smile on her face she thanked him. Time passed by and the butcher’s heart softened, to the point of considering the girl as a daughter. In his last days he decided to give his humble butcher shop to his only friend. To her surprise, the place was painted pink with a recipe on the table.

This is how Beauty and the Butcher was born, one of the few places that will enchant you at first sight. This lovely restaurant located inside a rebuilt house in the emblematic Central Avenue of Casco Viejo is known by its casual and modern style. Here, the contrast between black, pink and neon lights creates an immersive visual impact and its charming terrace will invite you to taste the specialty of the house: amazing freshly made burgers that seem out of a romantic story.

This concept has a great receptivity between tourists and locals due to the amazing burgers, ice creams and cozy decoration that makes this place a meeting point to hang out with friends, lovers and even spending a fun time by yourself. The proposal of Beauty and the Butcher is simple but delicious, the quality, freshness and preparation of the ingredients play a key role in the experience of costumers, who come in search of a good burger with juicy beef cooked to its point, a bread that will melt in your mouth and the best homemade sauces that will make you come back for more.

Beauty and the Butcher offers three types of burgers: single, double and veggie. In addition to the original Slider Tower, with four burgers, one on top of the other and each with a distinctive homemade sauce, including: Garlic-mayo, Sweet Chili, Honey Mustard and Beauty sauce, with a delicious spicy touch. This tower of burgers on crispy curly fries is among the favorites of the menu.

We cannot miss the exquisite French fries in two presentations: “Skinny Fries” and “Curly Fries”, both versions are crispy and full of flavors. The sauces are another classic of Beauty and the Butcher and what better way to put the final touch to your burger than by adding a little bit of Beauty sauce, Texas BBQ or Chimichurri, among others. Ice creams are the ideal sweet treat to end this culinary experience and do not hesitate to add some of the toppings of the house, including Oreo, Nerd, Glitter, Sprinkles and the star ingredient: Lucky Charms.