Dos Cucharas - The Restaurant Panama
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Dos Cucharas

Dos Cucharas

Doscucharas is the place where two recipes are fused in a single kitchen to offer an avant-garde dining experience. It is here that classic recipes are reborn through the latest culinary tendencies to enchant the diner’s palate. This purely Panamanian project was born from the desire to offer an alternative destination to the savvy foodie. It is certainly difficult to label Doscucharas. Is this a cafe that morphs into a restaurant or vice versa? But you can be sure, it is a place where you can count on great food for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, (even an afternoon snack).

Based on the concept of health through food, fresh ingredients selected with the highest quality standards are central do everything they do here. Doscucharas offers an innovative and creative menu with options for all tastes, and the critics they rely on, their customers, all on board and coming Back for more. The atmosphere is cozy, with the artwork, the colorful furniture, and the classic melodies of Édith Piaf in the background give the feeling of a Parisian cafe enjoying a good great cup of coffee.

The authentic Grandmother’s soup (sopa de la Abuela) is the best representation of the defining concept at Doscucharas, an old fashioned, house recipe brought into the 21st century. If you’re looking for options to share, the Caprese Burrata with imported buffalo mozzarella with balsamic reduction offers the most traditional flavors of the Mediterranean cuisine, as the soft cheese melts in your mouth. The Tuna Tartar is an sunburst of tropical flavors with strawberries, avocado and sesame making the perfect counter note to the Bluefin Tuna. And a must-try among the salads, the creative Quinoa Verde or Green Quinoa with cherry tomato, cucumber, radish, feta cheese, micro sunflowers and cashew, subtly seasoned with olive oil and lemon, is a tasty option for vegetarians.

Be sure to investigate the classic Doscucharas Salad with a mix of fine lettuces, feta cheese, Kalamata olives, and Portobello mushrooms sautéed with sweet and sour balsamic. The Tenderloin medallions with mozzarella captivates the senses, and the Chicken Burger, with fine herbs topped with caramelized onions, is love at first bite.

Towering over the list of some 50 homemade desserts, the Volcan Baru, a dark chocolate fondant with white chocolate “lava” and vanilla ice cream gives the final touch to this sublime dining experience. The coffee to accompany these delicacies is the result of a special blend of national and imported beans, blended exclusively for Doscucharas, and prepared by the most avid baristas.

Simply put, Doscucharas is an ideal place to spend a good time, host family events, birthdays, baby showers, and much more. Do not hesitate to visit them in their two locations, Costa del Este and Obarrio, and let yourself fall in love with the whole (and wholesome) experience.