It All Starts with Education - The Restaurant Panama
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It All Starts with Education

It All Starts with Education

Since 2008, The Panama International Hotel School has been educating, training, and granting diplomas to young professionals, preparing them for the challenges and rewards of the hotel and gastronomic industries. This institution of higher education seeks to contribute to the development of Panama and the region, providing a quality education to train professionals who stand out in such a competitive market.

The school has first-class facilities, specialized laboratories, and all the amenities of a full-service international hotel, offering students practical experience in a real work environment, along with academic training from experienced teachers who are endorsed for international certifications.

The program of professional practice that the Panama International Hotel School has developed increases the skills in specialty areas. With varied courses in the areas of food and beverage management operations, design of restaurants facilities, culinary and pastry arts, the program builds a solid base for the management of each area of production and operation, and gives students the tools to develop a successful career, such as Executive Chef or Food and Beverage Manager.

At the same time, the opportunity to put theoretical knowledge into practice through hands-on experience in real-time situations greatly increases the  graduates’ employability. This combination of solid theoretical foundation, practical skills training, a career focus, small classes for more individual attention, and instructors with extensive industry experience make a winning combination to address the demands of the current labor market.

Today, the Panama International Hotel School offers two-year Superior Technician programs in both Hotel and Restaurant Business Administration and Culinary Arts and Food and Beverage Management.

Panama is experiencing unprecedented growth in many areas of its economy and plays a key role in the region. The continuing growth in the tourism sector is promising and the presence of many international projects help maintain Panama’s position as a top tourist destination in the Americas. Seeing the need to meet this booming growth, The Panama International Hotel School has developed their Superior Technician programs in Hotels and Restaurant Business Administration, as well as Superior Technician in Culinary Arts and Administration of Food and Drinks.

The Hotel and Restaurant Business Administration program seeks to train people to perform at a high level in various areas of the hospitality industry. The knowledge and skills acquired through the various training modules will enable the graduate to perform at different positions in hotels, resorts, restaurants, casinos, clubs, events and catering services, and food franchises, as well as cruises.

Meanwhile, the Senior Technician in Culinary Arts and Food and Beverage Management track seeks to develop gastronomy professionals through a two-year program that opens opportunities not only in the areas above, but also with gourmet and specialty food companies, nutrition programs, hospital and institutional food and beverage departments, and a host of other options within the culinary field.

The Panama International Hotel School also maintains strategic alliances with many international academic institutions, offering the opportunity for continued studies and the chance to earn a bachelor’s and/or master’s degrees.