MEZE PANAMA - The Restaurant Panama
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If you’re planning a romantic evening, a corporate event or family gathering and you’re looking for a unique restaurant where you can live an unforgettable dining experience: Meze Panama is the ideal place! Located in the heart of Panama City, this charming restaurant offers an unbeatable location within a colonial home designed by one of the largest history collectors in the country. In addition to this, Meze offers an impeccable cuisine that invites you to enjoy a journey through the ancient Greek traditions with a culinary proposal that reflects the love for good food.

Meze means “in the middle”, so sharing is part of the experience and its harmonious environment will give you the confidence of being in the right place; where all your worries will simply vanish. Meze’s challenge is to prepare the most amazing dishes using products of the best quality and freshness to exceed expectations and create lasting memories. Showing the authentic flavors to diners through recipes inherited from generation to generation.

Whether sharing a magical evening on the terrace or in any of its cozy spaces, Meze evokes feelings of being with family and friends, while attentive waiters are offering the specialties of the house with the aim of creating a memorable experience to each person.

The authentic Trilogy is a tasting of olives, tzatziki, melitzanosallata and tirokafteri, and is ideal to place in the center of the table that could be perfectly paired with a refreshing glass of wine or an Ouzo, a traditional dry aniseed appetizer.

Meze’s cuisine is inspired by the use of typical Greek ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil, cheeses, kalamata olives, breads, spices and a variety of condiments and fresh vegetables, as well as fish and meat to present a versatile culinary proposal. These authentic flavors can be found in any of their preparations, from the Greek Mezedes or appetizers, ideal for those who try Greek cuisine for the first time since these small dishes are presented on the table one by one so that each diner can choose among of them. To main dishes which are protagonists of this amazing gastronomic experience.

Within Meze’s dynamic culinary proposal includes different salads, soups, cheeses, meats, seafood, pasta and rice; featured in a wide menu as versatile as their kitchen. This menu was meticulously designed to satisfy the most expert palates and meet any diet.

After enjoying the mezedes, make sure to try ArkaniSto Furno, the star of the house. This is a succulent baked lamb served in a traditional clay pot seasoned with Greek species and lemon potatoes. In addition, the traditional Moussaaka is a Greek dish made with layers of eggplants, potatoes and aromatic beef, which will make you fall in love for its harmonic flavors. Followed by SublakiKotopulo, a delicious chicken skewer spiced with Greek yogurt and lemon.

All this paired with the most complete cellar of Greek and international wines in an intimate and cheerful atmosphere, suitable for any occasion. To end this culinary experience, be surprised by the Baklava, a dessert made of phyllo dough, nuts and Greek honey, ideal for sharing. For more information, follow them on Instagram and Facebook at @mezepanama or contact them at +507 6478-1892 or 307-1821.