OPONTO - The Restaurant Panama
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Oponto Café & Bar is an innovative concept that recently opened in Marbella, right in the heart of Panama City. This new and incredible fusion between coffee shop and restaurant is transforming the local coffee market and raising the bar by offering an ground-breaking approach where only the best specialty coffee from different parts of the world is used, including Brazil, Colombia and Panama to meet the demand of good coffee lovers.

At Oponto Café & Bar they know how to prepare the best coffees in their authentic differentiated bar, unique in the city. Its modern and illuminated atmosphere will invite you to enjoy an excellent coffee prepared by highly qualified baristas and a friendly staff will help you choose the preparation that suits your taste among the different varieties of Arabica, including the world famous Geisha, produced in the highlands of Chiriqui.

The gastronomic proposal of Oponto Café & Bar combines Brazilian flavors with a French touch, resulting in a versatile menu rich in unique tastes and textures, paired with an exclusive bar with cocktails specially designed by a professional mixologist to perfectly match with the innovative cuisine from Oponto Café & Bar. In addition, the atmosphere of this place is as versatile as the menu, with spaces to enjoy a great coffee and a more exclusive area with capacity for 46 people where you can taste their culinary proposal.

This consciously elaborated menu simply reflects a journey through the culinary arts. From the delicious starters and snacks such as Bruschettas and a Cold Platter with sausages and a variety of cheeses, to Coxinha bites (a popular appetizer in Brazil consisting of shredded chicken meat, covered in dough), WOW chicken wings and the freshest salads.

Pastas are also part of the menu; however, main courses are the most requested by regular customers. Among these dishes, la Picaña with Brazilian vinaigrette, Brazilian-style Beef Strogonoff and grilled Salmon covered with wine sauce, are simply a delight to try.