WALL STREET BAR & KITCHEN - The Restaurant Panama
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Wall Street Bar & Kitchen keeps breaking paradigms now from its new location in San Francisco, inside a restored house with great spaces and a cozy terrace. This innovative restaurant keeps creating gastronomic experiences that last over time and set the tone in the city’s gastronomic trend.

This original concept mixes a modern, multifaceted and international cuisine which travels through multiple dishes and recipes to create a multisensory experience intertwined with a proposal of innovative high-quality cocktails and international trends. In fact, this bar is so recognized that prominent mixologists such as Dennis Zoppi, Italian bartender who designs emotions through cocktails, has presented his creations in Wall Street Bar & Kitchen, enchanting the diners’ palate through a harmonious gastronomic proposal perfectly paired with his cocktails.

At the same time, Wall Street Bar & Kitchen seeks to create an interactive environment through a dynamic bar where the price of certain beers and cocktails fluctuate depending on the demand of the moment. This trend is reflected on many screens located all over the place, which lists the options that are on the stock market with a band of minimum and maximum prices. The idea is to try new creations and beers with unique flavors and incomparable prices.

Wall Street Bar & Kitchen combines a culinary proposal focused on the fusion of international cuisine with essences of local recipes, where dishes are designed to share and enjoy. The idea is to spend a pleasant time with friends, sharing different preparations of the most creative and original recipes in a relaxed and fun atmosphere influenced by the effervescent dynamics of the stock market.

Under a concept of tapas to share with artisanal style and homemade recipes, the kitchen of this restaurant presents multiple alternatives such as delicious Yucas Fondants with mojo and melted cheese which simply melt on the palate. Meanwhile, the Chicken Sliders with artisanal bread and fried chicken in Blue Cheese sauce or the Poutine in The Street with crispy fries are among the most requested dishes.

The menu is extensive, with options for all tastes including vegetarian alternatives. Among the main dishes, the Plantation Octopus with Creole stew or Short Ribs with avocado, soft eggs and potatoes will fulfil any craving. Another creative and delicious dish is the Balsamic Bull, a burger with homemade bread, caramelized onion, truffled balsamic reduction, Swiss cheese and mayo Dijon.

This elaborate menu goes hand in hand with the concept of the interactive bar & lounge, where people can enjoy different cocktails prepared in a particular way with a menu created based on the client’s preferences. This menu travels through innovative and creative cocktails coupled with a selection of young wines that educate the beginner’s palate and will meet the expectations of the most experienced wine lovers due to the great variety.

The authentic Gun punch with rum, pineapple juice, lemon juice, triple sec and hibiscus syrup was recently included on the menu among other creative preparations that you will only find here in Wall Street Bar & Kitchen.

The atmosphere of Wall Street Bar & Kitchen is ideal to spend a summer afternoon with friends, such as the famous Saturdays at Wall Jazz Sunsets from 6.30 pm, where you will enjoy the best live jazz while having a delicious gin and tonic. These spaces are also great for private events, celebrations, pairing dinners with invited chefs and corporate meetings. Make sure to visit them in the new location on Av. 5c between 70th & 71st Streets and discover the different activities they offer in a dynamic and interactive environment to enjoy a unique evening in the city.