Forever Yogurt
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Forever Yogurt

Forever Yogurt

Forever Yogurt is a Chicago-based franchise that came to Panama almost three years ago. Since that time, guests have been having a blast making their own frozen yogurt creations from a choice of more than 150 rotating yogurt flavors and 200 ever-changing toppings. With two cafes in Panama City, one in Costa del Este and the other in Casco Viejo, Forever Yogurt is the right place to find the best frozen yogurt in the city.

Sometimes, a new customer may say they don’t like yogurt and ask if there is ice cream. But, once they taste this delicious FroYo, the reaction is always positive, and they are surprised by just how much they enjoy the tasty treat.  The secret is that Forever Yogurt ships their frozen yogurt direct from two different dairies in the USA, ensuring a superior, consistent taste and creaminess. Also, the brand has developed a unique line of ice cream flavors that features milk that has an additional certified kosher seal of approval.

Frozen yogurt is also a healthy choice, thanks to naturally occurring probiotics and live cultures. Forever Yogurt serves up this healthy option in regular, low-fat, and fat-free options, and there is also a dairy-free selection (perfect for vegans or those allergic to dairy) and sugar-free options as well. Products are all clearly labeled if they contain dairy, gluten, or peanuts, and special care is taken to prevent cross contamination. The result is a very fun, safe, tasty environment for families—even if food allergies are a concern.

Many of the fan-favorite toppings here at Forever Yogurt’s Panama locations are unique in that they are found nowhere else in Panama. Some, in fact, come from New York bakeries, such as the rainbow cookies with almond paste and the natural cookie crumb varieties. Adding to the Willy-Wonka-style experience, the cafes also offer specialty chocolate toppings, custom frappes and smoothies, warm mini donuts, fresh-made waffle cones and cups, handcrafted artisanal sodas, and a fine selection of Panamanian coffees used in all types of espresso-based beverages, as well as in frozen lattes and frappuccinos.

Forever Yogurt isn’t just good for the body; it’s also good for the planet. The brand believes strongly in recycling and supports it with their popular pink spoons made from biodegradable cornstarch, wood tables made from reclaimed bowling lanes in New York, and wood paneling on the walls recycled from old office buildings in the USA. Their famous Panama City wall montages, which are a frequent backdrop for customers to take photos and selfies, are actually wallpaper, designed by the Forever Yogurt team of creative graphic artists in Chicago.

The concept of Forever Yogurt was brought to Panama by Judith Ganes, a native New Yorker who relocated to this country over four years ago. Judy worked on Wall Street for 18 years, and for the past 15 years has been running her own consulting firm specializing in tropical commodities and price-risk management, serving an international clientele in the agribusiness, food, and beverage industries.

Through Forever Yogurt, Judith has been able to combine her passion for chocolate and coffee into a tasty and colorful business. Today, her company is rated the number one place for dessert in Panama City on TripAdvisor. If you love Forever Yogurt, franchise opportunities do exist and those interested should contact Judith at

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