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Have you ever wished that you had more time in the day?

You are not alone. Whether you are busy managing a family, a business or a career, the fact is that we lead busy lives. Time is the one resource that once spent we can’t get back, and there simply never seems to be enough. For many, living in Panama presents an extra challenge. Even basic tasks like shopping and arranging reliable services can be difficult and time-consuming.

What if you could get basic tasks done faster, easier and more reliably while having more time to focus on what really matters to you? Introducing Thrive in Panama, a new service aimed at helping parents, professionals and business owners take back their time.

After moving to Panama with their two young children, founder Ray Walsh and his wife, Shuruq, found themselves overwhelmed. There simply never seemed to be enough time to get everything done and enjoy their lives. So, they began outsourcing basic tasks. “Once we realized that no amount of money could give us back what we were sacrificing in terms of quality time to enjoy life,” says Ray, “trading money for time – as much as was practical – became an easy decision.”

In many ways, their lifestyle improved, but there was a catch. Now, instead of doing everything themselves, they were managing several different service providers, all with different schedules, payments, and quality of service, not to mention multiple lines of back-and-forth communication in his less-than-fluent Spanish.

As he talked to friends and colleagues, it seemed everyone was engaged in the same time-consuming process. Surely there was a better way. “From my very first experience sitting in the weekend line at Pricesmart, this question had always been in my mind: why hasn’t someone solved this yet?” After two years of seeing this need go unmet in the marketplace, he finally decided to build it himself. The first service: home delivery of groceries and artisanal goods, saving busy parents and professionals several hours a week.

After getting rave reviews from his first few customers, he knew he was onto something. “Instead of spending the one day I am not working in line at Pricesmart, I now have everything delivered. Amazing and professional service! I am a happy. happy customer.” Restaurateurs Austin and Viviana Hess agree. “Knowing that Ray is taking care of an important aspect of our business lets us focus on doing what we do best — delivering a world-class dining experience to our guests!”

Ray Walsh

So, Thrive in Panama is expanding. Aside from Pricesmart, Riba Smith and others, they will soon deliver prepared meals, fresh seafood, internet purchases and local artisanal goods, like farm-fresh eggs and fresh-brewed kombucha (a healthy probiotic drink). On the horizon: the ability to easily find and hire reliable services, and rentals of big-ticket items to save more time and money.

When asked about his motivation, he says, “This all started because we wanted our family to thrive, and once we got a taste of that, we wanted to offer it to every parent, professional and business owner in Panama. Our vision is for everyone who comes in contact with our service – from our customers to our partners to our employees – to experience what it means to thrive.

It’s a project of empowerment and upliftment.” It looks like there has never been a better time to thrive in Panama.

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